Tracks preparation

Mastering audio is the last step of music production, the final process for completing a song or an album. After a good recording and an accurate mixing it’s important to give a final polish before duplication and for an album make the sound as a united whole. The most important part of the process is critical listening to the audio material with good monitoring system and enhance and optimize the sound with mastering gears like equalizers, level adjustment, compressors, limiting etc.
The importance of mastering has to be very clear because this last stage could destroy a good mix if made by beginners, vice versa is very difficult to make a remarkable mastering starting from a bad mix. Mixing stage is a huge vehicle for having a great mastering, so please pay attention to these little tips before asking our service.

  1. Start with an idea and first of all create an imaginary room reverb where to put your track
  2. Find a good balance from tracks and do not exaggerate with compression. Normalize is absolute useless because that’s means you are closer to clipping the track.
  3. Enhance frequencies is important but sometimes remove is better.
  4. Mix has to work with good but also with cheap speakers.
  5. Compare with your preferred artists song.
  6. Leave -6bd of headroom in your mixdown.

If you don’t feel comfortable in this processing please contact us for mixing your song.